Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Half Way Mark!

So I've made it half way through February. Not that I wasn't going to make it... But February is half over, how about that? So let me give you a little update on how my New Month Resolutions are going:

1. Not step foot in Target for the WHOLE month - So far so good. Haven't stepped foot in Target.

2. Lose 5 pounds. Last month I lost 6.4. So this is totally doable - Haven't reached the 5 pounds yet. Don't know if I will honestly. Have lost .6 pounds (do you plural .6?) But I'm still going to try to get to 5 for the month.

3. Take a day trip somewhere - Haven't gone anywhere yet. But in a dream my family bought this outrageous 5 story house near the coast somewhere. It was fantastic! Still 2 weeks to go somewhere.

4. Not mope on the dreaded Valentine's Day because I don't have a Valentine - Trying to not mope. Trying to praise God for all that he has given me. My plan for today is to help my parents cater at Hilmar Covenant Church's Valentine's dinner. Then good to a friend's for a chocolate party.

5. Take my mom out to lunch - Still time to fulfill this one. Mom and I did go run errands in Turlock today. Hallmark (for V-day card shopping for Mom) and Costco.

6. Heavily pursue finding a new job - Written "test" tomorrow afternoon with the City of Modesto for the position that I applied for and have already interviewed once with. An old friend just sent me a link for a company that is hiring, so I will be looking into and pursuing those also.

7. Actively seek God in my day to day life worshiping Him and bring Him glory - This is one of those things that I will always strive to succeed at. I will always feel I'm not reaching God's expectations, but that is only the reason to seek harder. I have been challenged though the weekly Bible study that I am in and with Spiritual Formation Sunday mornings.

Update as of 2/14/07.

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