Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ten for Tuesday

  1. What television character do you identify with?
    ...???...  I don't know.  You tell me.  Those of you that know me, what TV character do I identify with?
  2. Describe your morning routine.
    Snooze button minimum 6 times.  I'm not kidding.  Officially wake up.  Potty, strip down neked to weigh myself, shower.  Contacts in, brush the teeth, take the morning pills.  Feed the dog (she's gotta get her lazy bum outta bed too).  Dress, dry hair while doing make-up.  Yep, I'm talented like that.  Deoderant check.  Shoes on, dog gets antsy to go.  Give dog her morning pills.  Grab lunch from freezer.  Grab banana or breakfast bar.  Dog on leash, walk across the street, good mornings to mom and who ever else is awake.  Shoo dog away from other dog's food bowls, the little piggy!  Run across the street, grab junk, go to work.
  3. How do you do lunch? Bring from home or dine out? Same thing every day or mix it up?
    I keep a stock of non-perishables at my desk for the days I forget to bring something, like today.  But I generally try to keep a week's worth of frozen healthy meals in the freezer at work.  Hardly ever do I go out to eat.
  4. What is one moment that, although seemingly trivial at the time, changed your life?
    This takes too much thinking right now.  I just can't go that far into the recesses of my brain.  Sorry.
  5. Name your top three beauty products.
    Bare Essentials eye shadows.  Mary Kay tinted moisturizer foundation.  Bionic hair straightener.
  6. What do you do when you’re alone in the car?
    Turn the music up and set my phone to play road slots while I'm driving.
  7. What is the ideal city for you to live in? If you can, take this survey (<-- link) and tell us the results. Do you agree with them?
    Walla Walla, WA; Bremerton, WA; Murray, KY; Moab, UT; Milwaukie, OR; Berea, KY.  Hummm...  Ok, I didn't think I would be dispositioned to reside in those locations.  I've never been to Kentucky, but maybe I should go visit if it's an ideal place for me to live.  Ideally though, I love Colorado and where I currently reside. 
  8. Are you waiting for something?
    Yes, I'm always waiting for something.  Waiting for something boils down to waiting for God to do His thing.  1) I'm waiting for Mr. Right.  2) I'm waiting on my winning lotto ticket.  3) Waiting for the funds to get a new camera body.  4) Waiting on my big "photography break-thru".  But I'm content with where I am in waiting because I know that God has it all under control.
  9. What was the last shocking news you heard?
    Bad news bears, but a good friend of my brother was arrested by the FBI for child p0rn0graphy (0 used instead of o to reduce spammers).  That definitely came as a shocker!
  10. What are three things you wouldn’t do for a million dollars?
    Deny my God.  Kill. Or give up ice cream.  I'm sure there is something more serious than giving up ice cream, but that's what came to mind.  :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Uh oh...

I just realized I didn't give the February birthday a shout out...

Happy Birthday Kait!
Yeah, she's dead sexy!

March Birthday Shout Outs!

March is a month of birthdays for me.  So since the month is almost over I thought I better honor those close to me with a birthday shout out. 

Happy Birthday Bro!
My brother turned...26...  And he's getting married in October.  I'm so proud of him.

Happy Birthday BFF!
My bestie and I are now, for the next 2 months, the same age.  She's a proud mama of 2.

Happy Birthday Mommy!
I'm not going to share how young my mom is now.  Because she still makes me dinner.  Love ya Mom!
Do I owe anyone else a shout out?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ten for Tuesday

  1. When you were a senior in high school, what career did you think you’d choose? Did you? Why or why not?
    In high school, I didn't have a "career" in mind.  I wanted to do something businessy, which I can't say I have...yet... And I knew it would be temporary, 'cause I wanted to be a mommy, which I haven't...yet...
  2. What one thing about the “real world” did you find most surprising once you were on your own?
    401k, life insurance, health insurance, all that mumbo jumbo.  I still don't get it all, I understand the basics, but not enough to make me dangerous.  Oh, and once I joined 'the real world' the car that I was driving, owned by my parents, was passed down to the next sibling... So guess who had to be a big girl and purchase her own car, as well as pay for gas and insurance and repairs and maitenance and oil changes and pine tree car fresheners...  Also, saving money is much harder when you're in 'the real world'.  When you have few to no expenses, besides trips to the mall and movies, it's easy to save.  Not so much any more.
  3. Name 3 things you think your closest friends DON’T like about you.
    Um, can't say they've ever told me, so I don't know.  I'm gonna guess that 1) I'm not good at keeping touch, 2) I have a large chest, so they're a little jealous (ok, they've kinda said that or poked fun at it), and 3) ... ... I'm drawing a blank here.
  4. In order to sleep, do you need background noise or absolute quiet?
    Depends how tired I am.  Generally silence, but I can tolerate minor, subtle noises.
  5. Why do you choose to reside in your current city? Yes, you have a choice.
    Yes, I've thought about this before too.  Often.  I live here because of family and friends.  And the fact that I have a great job is a bonus to stay put.  And face it, I live in California.  And not busy city LA or Bay Area.  I live in quiet flat Central Valley, where I'm 2 hours from mountains, snow, San Fracisco, the beach, Monterey, and wine countries (yes, I said countries because there are many areas in my state besides Napa). 
  6. Are you close to your parents?
    Yes.  In fact, I'm so close that all I have to do to see them is walk across the street.  It's great, I walk my dog across and she hangs out there all day while I'm at work.  And my dad just drives his little lawn mower across and mows my lawn (his landlord duty).  I'm close to my whole family.  And today is my mom's birthday.  Give her a shout out in the comments.
  7. What is your favorite fiction book? Poem? Blog?
    Book - Just about every book I read is a favorite, even if only for a short period of time before I read the next book.  So, right now, it's The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks.  Yes, I just finished reading it this past weekend.
    Poem - Ummmm...  Can't say I have one.
    Blog - I love the Pioneer Woman's blog.  It's so real.  She's funny too!  And watch out, her love story about how she met, fell in love with, and was in a relationship with her husband was purchased by Sony Pictures.  A movie is in the works!
  8. Do you enjoy cooking or is it a chore?
    I enjoy cooking.  I do not enjoy cooking for one.  I like to take my time cooking, and not feel rushed.  But I do enjoy cooking and experimenting in the kitchen.
  9. Be honest. What one thing would (the majority of) your blog readers be shocked to find out about you?
    I'm really not that exciting.  I'm a bore.  I'm a home-body.  And I don't live a glamorous life.  I'm sorry to disappoint you...
  10. If you were given your own national holiday, what would you require people to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the Day of You? Would there be a parade? Greeting cards?
    No parade, I don't want that much attention on me.  No greeting cards, heaven knows we don't need another commercial holiday.  Too many holidays are already centered around dinner.  So my holiday would be a little backwards.  How about breakfast for dinner.  For morning breakfast the normal would be regular stuff: toast, cereal, etc.  Lunch would be whatever.  But for dinner, you have to go all out with breakfast foods.  French toast or pancakes or waffles with eggs and sausage and a fruit salad and fresh squeezed juice.  Or mimosas, which ever you fancy.  Everyone would get the day off from work for sure.  But I think that banks and dry cleaners and the such should have to be open.  So then normal people that work 8-5 and can never get to the places that close by 5 have a chance to get their errands done.  And school would still be in session so mom and dad get a break to get stuff done without having to worry about the kids.  But teachers already get a lot of holidays and breaks (summer, christmas, spring), so they have to work.  Sorry to all you teachers and bankers out there, don't hate me. 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Up on the photo blog...


(one of these days I'll be combining these 2 blogs into one, just thought I'd warn you)

Oh, and here's a picture of my healthy Riley.  So glad she's home and healing beautifully!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ten for Tuesday

I promise, this week I'll get caught up on blogging...on all blogs.  I promise.  If by Saturday you haven't heard much from me, start sending me hate comments.
  1. Quick! Zombies are coming!! What do you do?
    Two words... Zombieland's rules (click rules for Zombieland rules).  And I'd call my friend George, he loves zombies and is going to by my bestest buddy when they come.
  2. Whew, that was a close one. …I think your phone is ringing. Oh, it’s your best friend! She thinks she’s been bitten by a zombie. What advice do you give her?
    Well, at that point, she's a goner.  So I'd tell her I love her and it was nice knowing her.  Then I'd run for my life.  Unless she wasn't really bitten.  Then I'd tell her to call me back in 24 hours, if she does she's safe.
  3. You realize it’s time to leave your current location because it’s clearly not safe anymore. Are you going to move at night or day? Defend your reasoning.
    If it's not safe, then it's not safe at either time of the day.  So I'd hit the road Jack, like ASAP.
  4. During your relocation, you come across a weapon superstore. My, that’s convenient. What kind of weaponry do you choose?
    Any and all.  I'll stock up my arsenal with guns, pipes, swords, baseball bats, TNT, etc.
  5. As you leave, an old lady on the side of the street begs you to help her. Do you? Why or why not?Eeeeee..tough one.  Has she been bitten and not 'changed' yet?  Were we close neighbors?  Did she bake me cookies?  Or should I trust no one?
  6. Good choice, you’re clearly a good person to have around in a zombie apocalypse. Oh hey, there’s a wifi signal here! You can’t stay long but this is your chance to gather some intel on the current situation. What’s the first website you check?The International Zombie Location Registry...  duh!  Just kidding, I don't know if there is such a thing.  I'd google the location that I'm headed to and see what pops up.
  7. SHH! What was that noise?!
    What noise?!?  You heard a noise?!?  Noises spook me!  Better getting going again.  Can't risk being found.
  8. I think it’s time to get out of here. I hope you have a plan. Where are you going now?
    I think I'll head somewhere remote, like Montana.  I'll find me a big ol' cabin/mansion in the middle of nowhere.
  9. Wait a minute, that looks like a bite mark on your arm… You may be infected too! Will you tell other people?
    What other people?  I haven't seen a soul for weeks. 
  10. How does this story end?Happily ever after.  Or not.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ten for Tuesday

...the Saturday edition (only because I wasn't home or near free internet on Tuesday).
  1. Of your current hobbies, which would you choose to spend more time, money, and effort on? Why?
    Photography.  If I had more money I could take workshops, and buy the new camera body that I want, and a few lenses.  If I had the time I could actually get out there and take pictures and practices to turn this hobby into more of a profession.
  2. List the two other hobbies/habitual activies (not chores) besides the one listed above that you regularly do now and didn’t choose in question one.
    Reading my Bible and reading in general.  Does shopping count as a hobby/habitual activity?
  3. Why are you spending time on the above two hobbies/habitual activies at all if you really wanted to spend your time on the first one you chose?  …or to put it another way, what are these two hobbies/habitual activities fullfilling that the first one doesn’t if you don’t want to put all your effort into the first hobby?
    Well, reading the Bible should be pretty obvious.  It's necessary and needed to continue to walk the Jesus and to learn more about the character of God.  And well, it's kinda hard to take pictures outside at night, so I'll read inside instead.  Plus it helps put me to sleep at night.
  4. Ready John 3:16 in the bible… In what way does this passage affect you?  What are your feelings towards these words, positively or negatively?
    Feelings towards that verse are definitely positive.  "For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him will have eternal life."  God loved/s, God gave, and He continues to give.  That verse sums everything up.
  5. M&M’s: nuts, no nuts, or peanut butter?
    Peanut butter.  All chocolate is better with peanut butter.
  6. Putting away the feeling of pride being a bad thing; what secretly/openly are you proud about yourself?
    Ummmm... I'm inventive.  Like MacGyver.  Give me a rubber band and a paper clip and I'll make a weapon of mass destruction.
  7. Given one room in the house to do with what you want, not changing the actual size of the room and with all the money you would need, what would you do, and be specific?  (this can range from bouncy floor,walls & ceilings; to hard wood floor with wood paneling and purple ceiling with a chair; to nothing)
    I'd have to say the kitchen.  I'd change the counters to a granite, upgrade the stove/oven to a high quality brand like Wolf, and stock it full of the best equipment and supplies out there.  Or I'd redo the living room and make it totally pottery barn-esque.
  8. What’s the next movie you’re going to see?  Not what you’d LIKE to GO see, but the next movie you realistically are going to watch.
    I don't know.  I haven't seen Dear John yet, and I'd like to see it but don't know if I'll make it to see it.  For sure I know I'll go see Sex and the City 2, but that's not out until May.
  9. Use the keyboard only and make your best smiley/funny/cool face –> like this! 8^)
    :)  That's as creative as it gets.
  10. What makes you cry? What makes you pray? What makes you laugh?
    Cry?  Just about anything can make me cry, I'm an emotional wreck like that.  Pray?  Everything drops me to my knees:  adoration, praise, requests from the heart.  Laugh?  I love laughing, so a good joke or just anything funny in general will get me.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Riley - The Miracle Dog

Pre-post note, the title was changed from this "You are healed!  {thump on the forehead}".
I'm not a fan of those tele-evangelist shows on TBN, but I thought what they do fit the title...  Title changed due to the extended edition of Riley's last 2 weeks.

As most of you read last Thursday, my poor pup was really sick and I was really worried.  All I can say is this, God is GOOD!  Like, really, really good!  So here's what happened...

I posted this.  Riley was not acting normal.  She was acting very 'punk'.  I tend to not worry a lot, almost to a fault.  But I was worried.

Made an appointment to get her into the vet.  Kaitlin took her to the appointment, since I have work.  The vet said that she was very dehydrated and needed to be hooked up to an IV to rehydrate.  I explained, over the phone, what I suspect happened (getting into the trash) and we went from there.  Riley stayed at the vet all day Friday.  When I picked her up this is what I found out:  Riley most likely has pancreatitis, she also has a small piece of wire in her intestines.  The plan was that I'd bring her back in the morning and she'd resume IV treatment, have another x-ray, as well as possibly have a barium series done.  There was also the possibility that she'd need to have exploratory surgery.  So, I took her home, and a few friends also came over and hung out.  Despite having an anti-vomiting medication, she still continuted to regurgitate throughout the night.

Back to the vet we go.  Due to the fact that she continued to up-chuck water and bile all night the vet was very concerned.  And because of this, it was very possible that she wouldn't be able to keep the barium down.  The wire also barely moved.  So, in the vet's best clinical advice, she suggested that they go in for exploratory surgery and see what's going on.  And they did.  And they found that her pancreas was very inflamed, like really badly, like the worse they had ever seen.  And because of the condition of the pancreas, the bowel right next to it was in really bad shape.  So they removed the wire (a twisty tie) and closed her up.  I then had 3 options:  1) keep doing what we're doing and pray for the best, 2) take her to a local 24 hour emergency vet where they have her seizure meds in IV form, or 3) take her to a 24 hour emergency vet clinic where they have everything she would need as well as all the equipment needed.  Even though #3 was the most costly, it was also the most recommended choice for her condition.  So I picked her up, and with a friend we drove to Dublin (about 1.5 hours away).  With my permission, they took a blood sample to test and got her going on pain meds right away.  Poor thing was hurting, you could tell.  After some time, the vet explained everything under the sun to me regarding her condition, as well as every possible scenario that could happen because of her condition.  I told them that they were to do whatever needed to be done.  So I signed a form to give them my first born, give them a hefty deposit, said goodbye to my girl, and drove home.  I was told that no news is good news, that they'll check in with me morning and night, and to call if I had any questions or needed an update.

I. was. a mess.  A mess I tell you.  I realized when I got home that I was already mourning her, like she was already gone.  And that wasn't fair of me to not give her a fighting chance.  So I flipped my attitude around. 

Morning report was good!  No vomiting (which was great!) since 5pm Saturday.  Her heart rate and blood pressure were good too.  The vet wanted to run another full blood panel to check all her levels.  Do it!  (Honestly, at this point, what's another $130...?)  Evening report was again good.  All her levels were back into normal range.  She was doing much better and quicker than they expected.  That's my girl!  Dr. Ramos was going to consult with the evening vet to get her opinion on giving Riley water, and seeing if she keeps it down.

I got a call from the night vet first thing in the morning.  She told me that they gave Ri a little bit of food, and if all goes well she should be able to go home the next day.  YEAH!  So, one more day at the vet (not included in the original estimate), but she'll be home.  Then, later, I got a call from the office around  5:30pm and they said that she's been released and is free to go home!  Praise the Lord!  So I went home and ate dinner real quick; then Kaitlin and I drove the 1 1/2 hours to pick up my girl!

added to included the extended edition...
Riley was doing great!  Taking it easy, resting, eating, gaining her energy back, etc.  Kaitlin would check on her in the afternoon and hang out for a bit before I got home from work.

Went through the morning routine.  Food, meds, turn the TV on low before heading off to work.  Today was the one day Kaitlin didn't check on Riley.  And when I got home from work she wasn't home.  Nor was she at my parent's house.  Turns out I found a broken board in the back yard.  And I panicked.  Like, freaked out, grabbed my phone, called my parents, and started walking.  Sometime between 8:30am and 5:30pm Riley got loose.  She busted through a fence board where there was a slight hole going under it.  I walked the normal walk route.  I walked all over.  I asked everyone I saw outside if they had seen a small white dog.  I then drove all over.  I drove until it got dark.  Everyone else in the family walk, drove, rode a bike around too.  All to no avail.  I got home and immediately starting making signs to hang all over town.  Again, it was a sleepless night.

Luckily my boss was very understanding.  In fact, he told me to go drive around once an hour.  And around noon he told me to get done what had to get done and to go.  I checked local animal shelters.  Called local vets.  Posted more signs.  Cried.  And prayed.  I himmed and hawwed about still going to Vegas the next day.  I just didn't know what else to do.  Mom and Dad came over and said that they both agree that I should still go.  I've done everything I could and sitting around moping all weekend won't do me any good.  At least in Vegas I'll be distracted while at the convention.  So I packed.  Then slept another sleepless night.

Finished packing.  Stopped and visited my adorable nieces.  Then headed to Fresno to visit Paige and Melissa before flying out.  It was great seeing the Gleason Family.  Amazing how much those kids have grown since I last saw them in July.  My flight left at 8:30pm and landed around 9:30.  After getting checked in at the MGM I walked to see where the convention center was taking place then hung out in my room.  Yea, I'm a baller like that.

Work up to the phone at 6:30am.  It was Kaitlin in hysterics.  My first thought was not a good one.  But then she started screaming that Riley was back.  She was home.  Thanks to my Mom for suggesting that I leave the gate propped open, then just in case Riley would have access to get back into the house (doggy door).  And that's exactly what happened.  She was home.  She was dirty.  And she brought a few hitching friends with her (nothing a little flea dip won't kill).  Praise God!  What an answer to prayer!  And then I slept soundlessly.

Everything looked good.  She didn't seem to be hurt, her scar wasn't infected, and she was happy to be home.  This past Tuesday she went to the vet, where the vet was very happy with her recovery from pancreatitis and being loose.  She's down a few pounds, which she needed to lose anyways.  I'm able to start incorporating normal dog food back into her diet.  And I'm happy.

Oh, and she's on house arrest.

So that is the story of Riley the Miracle Dog.  That's what everyone around town is calling her.  The dog that nearly died, then ran away, then almost 72 hours later found her way home.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ah, my life...

Herr I am, laying in my kind size bed at the MGM in Las Vegas. I'm here until Wednesday for WPPI (wedding and portrait photography international) convention. Good times, overwhelming, and very informative.

So this is going to be real short, since I'm laying in bed.

Last Thursday I started to type out a post about the ordeal with Riley and the energency vet clinic for 48 hours, and her near death, and her revival back to life and quick healing (and my empty pocketbook). Then I went home to find that she had gotten loose.

Talk about heart dropping. At least while she was at the vet I knew where she was, then all the sudden I didn't. Fear, worry, scared were a few of the emotions that I felt. Despite all of our efforts, I was encouraged to still go to Vegas since I did all I could at home. So I did, still filled with fear, worry, scared.

Then, yesterday morning Kaitlin called me practically in tears. Riley wad home. She found her way and let herself in through the back gate (left propped open) and doggy door. Praise God! So back on meds she went. And all seems well, with exception of the few hitch hiking fleas.

I was able to relax. And get worryless rest. Ahhhhhh...

Now I can't wait for her to jump into my arms when I get home.

- Posted from my iPhone, please excuse any typos.

Motivation Monday - Motivation

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ten for Tuesday

Sorry that this is about all I've blogged about lately.  I promise, later today or tomorrow morning I'll post a Riley update.  And maybe something else too.  We'll see.  Without further ado, may I present to you Ten for Tuesday...
  1. If you were given an hour to use a $200 Amazon gift card, what would you buy?
    Can I pay off my vet bill with an Amazon gift card?  Or at least a miniscule portion of it?  No...?  Ok, fine, they that $200 would go towards camera stuff.  A new lens or flash equipment.  Or maybe even go towards a new camera body.
  2. Are there any fairly common foods that you’ve never had?
    What's common these days?  I think I've had just about every 'common' food out there, it's the 'uncommon' that I haven't tried all of yet.
  3. What was your favorite way to use your imagination as a kid?
    Hello!  Barbies!  Unlimited imagination there.  I don't remember what else I used to do/play/imagine.
  4. What’s your favorite state? Why?
    I love the state of Colorado.  Why?  I don't know.  I just do.  Possibly even more than the state of California.
  5. If it was our culture to have our parents choose our spouses, do you think yours would make a good choice?
    Good question.  At this point, I think they just want to see me married.  So I don't know how well their judgement would be.  (Love you mom and dad!)  My parents do know a lot of people and have many connections though, so that's a plus.  And they are good judges of character and more/less know what kind of guy I'm attracted to and what qualities I'd like him to have.  So...I think they'd make a good choice, yea, I think so.
  6. What’s your favorite herb?Basil.  All the way basil.  The preferred form would be fresh from the garden.
  7. If you could have dinner with one celebrity, who would you choose?
    Oh my goodness.  I have no clue!  I like Chelsea's idea of having a famous chef over.  Then I we wouldn't just be having dinner, we'd be making dinner.  And I'd learn from them.  Then I'd be able to cook fabulous meals and have my own Food Network TV show.  Or maybe I'd have over some handsome, single famous guy (by any means he does not need to be an actor celebrity, a sports player would do).  Then I'd woo him with my dashing charm and he'd fall deeply in love with me and we'd get married and live happily ever after.  Ok, I'm done dreaming.
  8. What’s your favorite Disney movie?
    Lion King.  I love Pumba and Timon.
  9. If you had to listen to the same song over and over for 24 hours, what song would you choose?It would definitely be a praise & worship song.  Maybe the song In Christ Alone...  I love that song and it puts me in my place everytime I hear it.  So if I heard it for 24 hours straight, well, I'd pretty much permanently be put in my place.
  10. How do you order your steak?
    Medium well.  A little pink is ok.  Cooked til it's jerky is not ok.  I'm picky when it comes to how my steaks are cooked.  Generally, when we have a strip of something for dinner (like tenderloins or NY or rib eye) I get the end or the first normal piece from the end.  My parent's like their meat rare to the max.  Blak!  Actually, come to think about it, just about everyone in my family on my mom's side (most are beef ranchers...) like their meat rare.