Monday, March 26, 2007

Break me, oh God

I am broken. I feel like my life is in shambles and I'm spiraling out of control. I don't know what's wrong with me, which makes it even harder to deal with, because I don't know what to "fix". But what I do know is that piece by piece God is breaking my hard exterior shell.

I am thankful that God loves me enough that He wants to purify me, to conform me little by little into the likeness of His Son - gentle, broken, and humble before the His throne. I thank Him that He loves me enough to put me in the refiner's fire, a fire that leaves me so exposed and vulnerable, yet a fire that cleanses and purifies me as well. The Holy Spirit is cleansing the sinfulness from my heart and molding me into the likeness of His precious Son. Sometimes blessing comes in the form of pain. Let me not waste my pain, but use it for His glory and for eternal purposes.

God break me. Take my all. Shake me from the core. Cut me down that I might rely solely on You. Lord, my heart remains in your hands, because I know that my life is but a vapor before Your throne. God, change me that I wholeheartedly follow your plans for my life. Transform me that I might think more like You. Grant me the grace to follow Your will and run with Your thoughts.

Often, it is in our weakness, not our strength, that God is glorified, and it is in our brokenness that we find healing. I need to humble myself and let God break me again and again, in order to shape and mold me. God, only You can truly break me and make me new. God, break me even more if it is to Your glory.

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