Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Is red the new yellow?

This is a typical scenario that I've witnessed lately:
I'm driving in town, going from here to there. Having a red stop light I, as the law abiding citizen, stop. My light turns green. Green means go, right? Wrong. I've got to wait because vehicles decided to just blow right through their red light.

How does that happen? What makes a person think it's ok to throw caution to the wind and risk their life, and others, and run a light? Honestly! This situation happens to me daily. I know darn well that if I decided go through a light like that a cop would caught me and hand me a fat ticket. So where are the cops for all the rest of these goons? Why is everyone in such a hurry that they can't wait the few extra minutes at a light?

So this is how it apparently looks now:
Green = stop a little longer
Yellow = goes fast
Red = Go, go, go

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