Monday, October 15, 2007

Random Facts about ME!

Body Basics.
001. How tall are you?: 5'4"
002. Are you happy with your height?: I'm average. I like being average.
003. How much do you weigh?: Well, pay attention to my little weight ticker. But the actually weight will not be revealed.
004. Are you happy with your weight?: Content? Sure. Happy or satisfied? No.
005. What's your BMI? According to the BMI Chart, I weight too much for my height.
006. Are you at a healthy weight?: Nope, see above.
007. Did you ever have some type of eating disorder?: Well, if you consider following a diet an eating disorder, then yes. But I like food too much to not eat. Throwing up is gross. And I can't remember to take a pill for the life of me. So I think I'm safe.
008. Are you one of those people who can eat ANYTHING and never get fat?: HA!
009. How old are you?: 27 and holding.
010. Do you look your age?: I get different answers from different people. Most think I look younger...

General Health.
021. Does any disease run in your family?: Sure. Doesn't every family carry one?
022. When was your last doctor's appointment?: June.
023. When was your last gyno appointment?: December. Cyst check up in June though.
024. Are you due for any shots?: Ick, no.
025. Are you allergic to anything? Grasses, weeds, pollens, work.
026. Do you have allergies?: What's the point of this question? Wasn't I just asked the same thing?
027. Do you have asthma?: Nope
028. Do you take a vitamin daily?: If I remember, yes. Chewable multi vitamin.
029. Ever broke a bone?: Pinky toe, and pinky finger.
030. Ever got surgery?: Yep.

Oral health.
031. When was your last dentist appointment?: June.
032. Do you have braces? If so, what colors? Yep. Depended on the time of the year or holiday. Duh!
033. If you have braces, do you need to wear rubber bands?: No longer.
034. Ever got a cavity drilled?: All the sudden I have a surplus of them.
035. Ever got a root canal?: No, and hope to never have one.
036. Did you still feel pain even though you were on novacaine?: Not pain, but definitely can feel something.
037. What toothpaste do you use?: Minty, teeth whitening kind
038. How long do you keep a toothbrush before getting rid of it?: The recommended 6 months.
039. How often do you brush your teeth?: At least once a day.
040. Do you use mouth wash? If so, what kind? When I remember. Can't remember what kind though.

041. Do you have perfect vision?: Ha, no!
042. Do you have glasses or contacts?: Yes, both.
043. Do you sit too close to the computer and/or television?: Probably.
044. Ever stare at the sun and then see weird shapes?: Honestly, who stares at the sun?
045. If you wear glasses/contacts, can you see without them?: Barely.
046. Do you know anyone with perfect eyesight?: I'm sure I do.
047. What color are your eyes?: Green.
048. If you have contacts, are they colored?: Nope.
049. Do you look dorky with glasses?: I don't know, you tell me.
050. If you have dark eyes, do you carry the recessive gene for blue/green eyes?: I am the recessive gene, so yes.

Physical health.
051. How many pull-ups can you do?: In what time frame?
052. How many push-ups can you do?: Quite a bit.
053. Are you good at gym?: I hate the gym.
054. Can you run fast and long?: Not with my short legs and big boobs.
055. Do you get cramps after running too long?: Yes.
056. Can you run the mile without stopping?: Haven't tried in a long time.
057. What was your best cross-country time?: Can't remember. Only did cross country for one season. Blah!
058. Do you make up excuses to get out of gym?: No, just didn't try as hard.
059. Do you play any sports?: Not right now.
060. If not, why?: No one to play with...

061. How long is your hair?: Mid, soon to be shorter
062. Do you have bangs?: Nope.
063. When was your last haircut?: June/July. Have another one on Thursday.
064. What do you do to your hair in the morning?: Depends how I had it before I went to bed. I have temperamental hair!
065. Do you straighten/curl/whatever your hair or do you wear it natural?:
Natural = curly/wavy. So I wear it all of the ways mentioned above.
066. Do you wear your hair up or down most of the time?: Down
067. Do you have any split ends?: Most likely lots of them.
068. Do you cut your own hair?: Um, no. I'd probably end up having to shave it from messing it up so bad.
069. What was your worst haircut?: Toss up between beginning of my Senior year in HS or a few years ago when I chopped it all off. Bad idea.
071. Ever have a bob haircut?: It's been awhile.

Miscellaneous; This or That.

071. Pads or tampons?: What kind of question is this, seriously!?!?
072. Glasses or contacts?: Both
073. Skinny or curvy?: Hourglass
074. Light eyes or dark eyes?: Medium
075. Tan or pale?: Medium
076. Shaving or natural?: Shave
077. Curly or straight hair?: Curly/Wavy
078. Frizzy or managable hair?: Frizzy, but manageable most of the time.
079. Tall or short?: Average
080. Long or short nails?: Short. I end up chewing them off.

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