Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm moving!

No, not what you think. The house isn't done yet. And I'm not moving out of my parent's house yet. I'm moving office locations at work. But get this, my desk is moving tomorrow, but I'm not moving until Thursday... Hummm... I get someone's old desk, my desk is going to someone else, and I get to sit on the floor to do work until Thursday. Well, not really. My computer will be moved Thursday with me. So, tomorrow I'll be using my officemate's computer while she's in Texas. I do have a feeling that it'll be a short day. And Thusday, I can't be near where I'm moving to between 8am-1pm. So I'll be not only deskless, but officeless; therefore homeless at work. I'm thinking of coming in a little late. Going to get a coffee. Making myself disappear until I can "move in". Oh the joys of departments swapping buildings...

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