Thursday, February 14, 2008

But I guess...

my mom would be my Valentine if I had to choose someone. Only because she loves me, she gave birth to me, she (and my dad) has allowed me to continue living with them, and well, she gave me my most favorite See's chocolate ever... A half pound of milk chocolate bordeaux. So I brought them to work, cause, well, they're safer here than than are at home. So just a bit ago, I cracked open the box to have a little treat.

12, that's right, 12 pieces of heaven. That's one a month for a year. Or one a week until May 1st. Or one a day until February 29th (they're at work remember, so weekends aren't included). every other hour! (Ok, so you're only seeing 11 chocolates. I was in the process of eatting it before I took the picture.)

I love these chocolates!

And for those of you non-chocolate fans, enjoy the box of Corazones Dulces (conversation hearts).

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