Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My New Neighbor

That's right. I have a new neighbor. Not sure if it's a whole family, or just a couple. But they're super cute. And they chatter up a storm, especially in the morning. And they're just little things. I took some pictures for you.

My sister and I have named them the Flitterbees. I decided this morning to dub them male Hummer Flitterbee. Because when he flies past you his wings make a humming sound.

Such pretty pink iridescent colors. The male is out most frequently. And he's a bully. He loves to hang out at the top of the almond tree and kick all other birds out.

This is where the hummingbirds are living. Where exactly in there, I don't know. But it's my goal to find out where. But seriously, who wouldn't want to live in the neighborhood? Two feeders and a big bushy lemon tree... The tree really needs to be thinned out though, but we don't want to disturb their nest.

Here Hummer is more from my viewing range.

Anybody need some lemons?

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