Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter / Happy Birthday Mom!

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Yea, I don't know either. But today is my Mama's birthday! I will keep her age a secret, because you never tell a woman's age. But for you Disney history buffs, she was born the same year Disneyland was built...

I love my Mommy! She's put up with a lot of my crap over the last 27 years. The first few years were mainly just cleaning up my crap, now I just feed her loads of it (not literally feed her loads of it...).

Mom is a Wii bowling champion, literally! She won the family bowling tournament at Thanksgiving against 19 others. But we all think it's because she practices during the wee hours of the night, she's a closet Wii player. Watch out for her swing, it's brutal!
She loves to cater, entertain, and serve others. Mom loves to have others over to make them dinner, or just serve them a glass of wine. She's always looking for an excuse to have another party!

And she loves playing the Easter Bunny ("I swear I hid one over here! Oh well, the dogs will find it.") No joke! It's becoming a challenge for herself to hide them in better places every year. This year, I had to take pictures of the backyard so she can mark the spots where she's hiding eggs.

Today my Mom shares a special day with a Special Person for a Special Purpose, and it won't happen again for, like, another million bagillion years. So... Happy Easter!

Don't forget one of the best things about this holiday is you get to eat colorful egg salad sandwiches!!!

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