Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Izzie and her ball.

I have a dog. Her name is Izzie. Izzie love her racquet ball. She loves it to the point that your arm is sore from throwing it for hours on end. And she will continue to chase it as long as you're willing to throw it. And if you're not, the ball will be in your lap and she'll give you the biggest begging eyes ever. When she wakes up in the morning it's the first thing she looks for. And don't bother hiding it, she'll find it. So one afternoon I decided to document Izzie and her ball, and I will insert my version of her commentary.

See my ball? Let's play!

But first my must bow to my ball, requesting it to bring me great pleasure.

Ok, this is what you're gonna do. You're gonna throw the ball and I'm gonna out run all these goons that think they can play with my ball too.
I won! But I think I got some grass too. Plah!

Ok, go again!

Maybe if I don't look too anxious my servant will pick it up and throw it again...

But only after I make sure everyone knows it's my ball. Ummm...cover it in slobber.

Ok, now that it's covered in slobber, pick it up and throw it. Please?

I'm back and ready for some more.
Crouched and ready to go. Come on, throw the ball already!

Note to you all who have a dog that loves the almighty racquet ball as much as mine does. Always go for the green balls that come as a 3 pack in the tube. Yes, they may be a little more expensive than the bulk 12 pack in a mesh bag from Target, but you'll see the difference. The green ones are slightly bigger and are harder to chew through. The blue ones are smaller and well, cheaper in all aspects. I promise you this ball was gnawed in half by the end of the day.


Kaitlin said...

Ugh.... Your dog won't leave me alone, she wants to play ball, and she's giving me those cute little puppy dog eyes you know the ones where you feel sorry that you're not playing with her, even though you had been trhowing the ball for at least an hour.

Krista said...

I'm loving the commentary! Well done. :)