Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Quilt Swatches

My quilt is so close to being done! It's so close I can feel the snuggliness of it on my bed. Yesterday I dropped it off to the quilt shop so they can stitch the backing, batting, and top pieces together in some fancy pattern. 3 weeks from now I should have it back. Then I just need to put the binding (edge) on it and throw it on my bed.

To tide you over on what the quilt looks like, here's a pictures of the progress:

Here's all the fabrics spilling out of a bag. Yep, I had to make sense of it all.

And I did. Look it, they're all sewn together. Well, almost all; there are one or 2 missing. Ohhhh....awwwww.... Look at the pretty color and patterns...

That's what the back looks like. I'm not showing you the front yet. I'm gonna keep you all in suspense for now.

Check back in 3-4 weeks. Then I'll show you the WHOLE thing. And I'll cross another thing off my resolution list.

By the way. It's a big quilt. Much bigger than I had planned. Let's just say that to find a sheet for the backing, which luckily I found flannel, I had to get a CAL KING! Yea, that's a big arse sheet, and it just barely finds the length of the quilt. And my bed is only a queen...

Oh yea, and in order to quilt, I had to get a sewing machine. It's a Baby Lock. It's a small, compact, quiet little thing.

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Krista said...

Your quilt has really pretty colors! Can't wait to see it. I have to say that you're going to love how big it is. The quilt I made with my sister a way long time ago ended up being that big too. :)