Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's just another day...

Except that today there was a platter of (fat free) muffins waiting for me at my desk, and there were "Happy Birthday Courtney" signs all around my desk (in those colors too!). That's right folks, today I turned another day older.

Wow, wouldn't it be great if every day you were treated like that. "Phew! I made it another day! I pray I can make it through this next day like I did the last one. Muffin, anyone?

So today, I am officially 336 months old; or 1,461 weeks old; 0r 10,227 days old; or...are you ready for this...? 245,463 hours old. That's one way of putting a perspective on it. In otherwords, I'm 28. And you know, 28 doesn't sound quite so old when you compare it to 14,727,783 minutes old!

So today I'm 28 young. Tonight I'll go to dinner with my family and work on the house. Maybe I'll even go to Lowe's to get curtains, and maybe I'll splurge and get myself the Krups Coffee/Espresso machine that I really want, that ironically happens to be on clearance right now. Sometime next week I'll try to gather my friends together to go to dinner and maybe paint some pottery. And at some point when I have myself a housewarming party I'll call it a Housewarming/Birthday Party.

I'll drag my day on if I want! That means more presents, right?

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