Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm gonna miss her...

Today one of my favorite people in the whole world left me. She's gone for the summer. And she might be (prayin' hard) gone for the fall too.

My youngest sister, Kaitlin left at 7:30am to head off to Mission Springs Christian Camp in Scotts Valley, California to be a camp counselor. I'm extremely proud that she's going and having this experience.

But you see, it's gonna be hard because she and I have become super close the past couple years. And she's never lived away from home.

My poor parents, she's an empty nester.

Oh, but wait, they've got my slug of a brother home for the summer...

Please keep Kaitlin in your prayers. That she may not be homesick, that she will have a good time bonding with the other counselors and the campers, and that she may her faith grow in God grow by leaps and bounds, and it shine to others.

And keep my parents in your prayers, that they will have patience with my slug of a brother.

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