Thursday, June 19, 2008

When is your time?

Today feels like a Friday. We had our quarterly employee luncheon and people are just in a jovial mood. One of my co-workers sent me an e-mail, and eventually it made its way around the office area and created a stir of conversations. And it was fun.

So for fun, I'm letting you all in on the website that was linked in the e-mail.

So how old will you be living? When is your "expected" day of death?
Me? Well, on Friday, October 5, 2068 we'll all be having a party to celebrate my life...and I'll be there. But Saturday I won't be, so no party on Saturday. Only sorrow.
"Saturday, October 6, 2068
Seconds left to live...
So, come on! Go check it out. It's all in good fun! Now... what does the death clock say about your life...?

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