Wednesday, July 16, 2008

10 Years and Goin' Strong

3 weeks ago was my High School 10 Year Reunion. I admit, I wasn't really looking all that forward to it. Yeah, let's see people that I never hung out with in high school. Woo hoo! I was curious who looked like what though. And the curiosity got the best of me, so I attended.

Here I am ready to go!

One of my high school buddies was SUPER excited about going. Until it came time for me to pick her up. "Are you sure you're on your way over?" "It's ok if you take the long way to get there." Nope, we're going in with confidence and poise. Proud of who we are 10 years later and the accomplishments we've made. At least I was going in with that attitude.

Do I look like I went in with confidence and poise? That's Treva with me (and my glass of wine). Treva and I grew up together from Middle School on, with church activities, Bible Study, etc.

My buddy James. He's living in Arizona with his wife and their little girl. I see James maybe once every couple years.

Treva, Janell, Danae, and myself. We're just missing Alisha (who was in Holland during the reunion) and we would have had our HS group.

Time for our first round of shots! Toscana's has Tuaca! I was SO excited about that. So a round Tuaca Bombs on me!

Sarah and I. We were the safari queens... Me in zebra... Sarah in giraffe... Get it...?

Nate (my HS crush) and his wife, Mirla. They seem very happy together. She took shots with us... So, she's cool in my book. FYI, Nate wasn't hairy like that in high school. And he has a kid. And he's not the kind of guy I would have wanted to end up with. Phew, that could have ended badly.

Op! Time for round 2! This time, Mirla treated. See, I told you she was cool! So good. I love Tuaca Bombs! I highly recommend them. I'll treat sometime! Hold me to it!

That was the end of the decent pictures. I know, it's a lot of the same people in all the pictures, like me. But no one else was worth photographing.

All in all, with enough alcohol..., it was a much better time that I had expected. Catching up with people from "back in the day".

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