Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Always on the hunt...

Many, many years ago, about 10 to be exact, I wrote a list. A list that I was instructed to write out during bible study one evening. And although I knew I had this list, it's been buried in a box of the back of a shelf for the last, well, 10 years. The other day I thought about this list. And thinking about it made me want to go find it. And I knew I had it somewhere because I've unpacked all of my boxes and books. So I dug it out, found the page. And now I've scanned it for you all to see and comment and laugh.

I'd like to take the time to dissect this list. I hope you don't mind. Actually, I don't care if you mind. Like you probably have figured out if you're older than 10, a lot can change in 10 years.

1998 Qualities
Honest, trustworthy (don't those 2 kinda go hand in hand), patient (I'm not, so my opposite needs to be), humble (who cares anymore, let him be cocky!), understanding (because I'm not perfect and I make mistakes), kind, gentle (I won't define when "gentle" needs to coming into play...), compromisable (compromise because I'm always right), growing (what does that mean?), forgiving, celibate (not likely these days, heck, I'm not perfect either), cleanliness (that's right, he'd better be able to do your dishes and take regular showers), comforting (more like comfortor, I need someone that will comfort me when I have a bad day), compassion (how about compassionate instead?), courageous (about life, I suppose), communication skills (knows to how hold a conversation), faithful(cheaters need not apply), fellowship (don't know what I was thinking with this one), friend(friends first, that's what I always say, I want someone that is my best friend), giving (in all aspects), happiness (happy with life, not someone who is always down in the dumps and depressed), romantic (I like flowers and candlelight dinners, but it's also the little things, too), listens (see communication skills above), LOVE (love what? love me. yeah!), sensitive (to a certain point), humor (I like to laugh, and I like it when people make me laugh), spontaneous (last minute day trips are a must), open (not sure what I wanted openness for), perserverance (perservere towards what, is there a finish line...?, active (no couch potato), responsibility (if he's gonna have a family with me you'd better be responsible!), self-control (hummm, again, not sure....), successful (at work, at life, at all that he does), supportive (supports me in all that I aspire to do), respectful, creative (not necessary), committed (committed to all that he does, doesn't quit), family man, sociable (enjoys hanging out with others and doesn't stand against the wall), can cook (not necessary)

1998 Looks
Whatever comes that looks good (wow, I was pretty detailed there wasn't it?).

Ok, now for the 2008 version, a little like the original with some modifications... Things are still kinda the same, but tweeked a little.

Ok, so let's break down the break-downable qualities that I'm looking for shall we?

2008 Qualities
Honest/Trustworthy (wrapped them into one), Loves God (gotta be a Christian man!), Compassionate, Happy (with life, self, and surroundings), Financially stable (and responsible with hismoney, one with huge amounts of debt and no pay back plan need not apply), Respectful of self and others, Successful (not necessarily at work, but in different areas of life), Humorous (I love to laugh!), Values Family (Family is very important to me and I want someone who values family just as much), Understanding/Sensitive, Responsible, Supporting (stand by my side when I'm making decisions, and stand by the decision), Kind/Gentle/Patient (how about all of the fruits of the spirit?), Leader (he'll be the head of the household, he needs to be someone that can lead and take responsibility), Best Friend (again, I want to marry my best friend, someone that I tell everything to), Spontaneous (whisk me away someday without notice), Complimentary, Romantic, and Can (and will) serenade me (guitar, sing, piano...) (I've always had a dream that my spouse will sing to me or play the guitar for me, I think it's very realistic!)

2008 Physical Qualities

Well kept (clean and tidy), Handsome (to me) (tastes in looks differ from one to the other, so he just needs to be appealing to me), Taller than me (that won't take much), and takes care of himself (clean and tidy, and well kept).

All in all, I don't think my wants have changed much from 10 years ago. And I don't think that my list is too long. If anything, I could lengthen it to include more. But I won't. The qualities listed above would make up the most wonderful man.

So, be on the look out. Keep me in mind.

While you're doing that, I'll be in the corner praying for him and God's will...preferably that we meet soon.


Mel said...

I think your list is great. I know that God has that "perfect" (for YOU) man out there and you will find him when the time is right. You and I share a special trate...Lack of patience...LOL...and sometimes that is the pits because a situation like this requires that trait. So I will pray for you that God will grant you the patience to wait for that perfect guy and that God would look at his timeline and see if that perfect guy will be in your life soon ( I hope so).

Courtney said...

Thanks Mel!