Thursday, July 3, 2008

Concert #2 of 2008

Back some time ago, on May 28th, Kaitlin, Stacey, Kari and I headed down to the big city of Fresno at go to a Carrie Underwood concert. We drove down and met up with Paige and Coleman (the boyfriend) at her apartment where they made us a quite delicious dinner. Just as we were heading out to walk to the Save Mart Center, the two love birds decided they wanted to roast marshmallows.
The problem was though, that they only had mini marshmallows. Thank you to our dear hosts that provided a yummy meal... and saved us money.
Josh Turner opened for Carrie Underwood. His voice is so sexy! I want to marry a man with that kind of singing voice. I like to call him the Al Green of country music. (Sorry for the dark picture, I tried to make it better. But it's hard you know, when the concert arena is well, dark and you don't want to keep throwing flashes everywhere.)
After a brief intermission, and picture taking, Carrie started. But first let's see the intermission pictures...
Kaitlin, she looked HOT!
(I apologize, I realized that I don't have any pictures of Kari.)
Ok, maybe I lied. The background is too dark to be during intermission. But whatever. You still love me. Stacey and I self photoing it.
Again, it was dark. I apologize for the darkness. But look'it! That's Carrie Underwood. She's sickenly sweet and barbie like. Very down to earth and friendly, from stage. But I just know that if we were to ever meeting, we'd be bestest friends. She'd invite me too all of the cool things she goes to in LA and NY. I'd so be part of the "in crowd".
After the concert we walked back to my car. Said our goodbyes to the marshmallow roasters. And decided that it was too early to drive home, and being that we saved money on not having to buy dinner. So we went to dessert. My favorite meal of the day. And boy did we have dessert...At the Cheesecake Factory.
Now stuffed and tired, we drove home. Until Merced, where we switched drivers because I was tired.

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