Saturday, July 5, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

I know, I know. She's been married for almost 2 months now. But that doesn't change the fact that we celebrated her bachelorette and I haven't posted anything on it. I know, I know. I'm a slacker. I've told that before though, so you can't say I never told you.

One late, beautiful, hot weekend in April 4 ladies got together and took a road trip to Santa Cruz, land of the surf, sand, and sun. We started the day at Gayle's Bakery in Capitola for lunch. I highly recommend their tri-tip sandwich with chili-lime mayo, cilantro, and other goodies when they have it on the menu. Actually, I highly recommend everything at the bakery, it's all delicious.

From there we headed down to the downtown area where we walked around and looked in shops, enjoyed the beach, and some taffy from some new shop.

Katie and Jenn in Capitola.
After we had our fill of Capitola and all its charm we headed up the road to check into the hotel and "freshen up". And when I say "freshen up" I mean everyone takes a nap except me. Because, for some odd reason, I have a difficult time taking a nap. So, while they were all sleeping, I truly did "freshen up". I was ready for dinner and had read through a magazine by the time they awoke from their slumber.

Dinner was at Aqua Bleu, an Asian inspired restaurant with yummy drinks and delicious food. We were all very happy with our food...and drinks.

Jenn content with drinks. No worries everyone, those were not all hers.
Katie and I at the restaurant.
From there we walked down to a very loungy bar. Deep red colors, low lighting. Hence, no pictures. They all turned out like poop. Sorry. After we had had enough dessert, drinks, and yelling our conversations at one another, we headed back to the hotel. From which we walked from. Therefore, we had to walk back. 12 miles. Not really, probably more like 1 to 1.5 miles. In heels. Just keep the in heels part in mind, that's why it felt like 23 miles. And to bed we went. After watching some Nip/Tuck.
After a peaceful slumber, we woke up, checked out, and moved on with our day returning to downtown Santa Cruz for breakfast/brunch. I had a Starbucks drink, Low Fat blueberry crumb cake and then one scrambled egg. I was laughed at for only have one scrambled egg at the restaurant, but I already had Starbucks. But my one egg was yummy. More walking around downtown, went in some shops, and then we decided to get moving. First we made a stop at Natural Bridges to see the tide pools.
Everyone, minus me. Someone had to take the picture.

Me! It was bright out there.

The future (now) Mrs. Johnson. Watch out Jenn, that's the stance of a pregnant woman. Are you practicing...?

Before officially hittin' the road and heading home, we stopped at one of the best ice cream places ever, Marianne's. Delicious! Ok, now it was time to go. I don't know what happened most of the way home. I slept.

Hey, look at that, I can nap in the car.

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