Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Greats

This would be me and my maternal great grandparent's . My Grammy's mom and dad.

Grampy Al and Grammy Ann. And of course this little squirmy thing is me.They lived in Minnesota. So I really didn't get to see them all that often. And of course they passed away during my early years.

Grampy Al stuck around a little longer than Grammy Ann, so I have a memory or two more of him. Like, he called me "Cookie". Don't know why, but he did, and I loved it. He also did the "Trot trot to Boston" bit on his knee. That's a fairly vivid memory that I've held on to.

And now I do the "Trot trot to Boston" bit to kids sometimes when I'm around them.

Maybe someday I'll have great grandkids to do it too, just as my Grampy Al did it to me.

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