Monday, July 14, 2008

I Played Hookie!

Two weeks ago my parents decided to take a day trip to visit my sister at camp. She was on staff that week, and on Thursday she was technically off from after 3. Well, I himed and hawed about whether or not I could go. And I eventually decided that I could. I would leave work at 12 and drive over with my parents. And surprise Kaitlin! She had asked me on the phone if I was going to be able to go visit too. I made up some realitistic excuse about being busy at work and lots of meetings. When in actuality, I was all caught up and meet-free.

So we drove over with a quick stop in Los Gatos at a Sunbeam supply shop so dad could get pieces and parts for his car. Then over the hill we went. The plan was that mom and dad would get out of the car and give hugs, then I would just out and surprise her. Well, when we got to Mission Springs just around 3pm, but Kaitlin wasn't at the lodge yet. So I thought that I would wait in the car, but that's boring. So I was walking around and I saw Kaitlin walking up the hill, so I hid behind a car while my mom and dad went to greet her. Then I jumped out from behind the car and ran to her while she screamed.

It happened just like that!

She quickly showered to clean off the mud. Then we headed towards water....the beach... seafood really.

Kaitlin is happy to ride in a cool car, dress in not campish attire, and get to eat real food.

I was happy to not be at work. 'Nuf said!

Our first stop was at Gayle's Bakery. We can't go anywhere near Capitola without stopping there for our fix. And dad was a bit disappointed, at 5pm they didn't have any e'clairs. How dare they! But the did have Raspberry Napoleons though. My favorite...

Then we headed down to Zelda's for their Thursday lobster special. The real reason for visiting Kaitlin according to my mom. While they decided to fight and work for their food, I had a lovely grilled chicken and steamed vegetables dish.

From there we went to the taffy shop with 30,000 flavors. I was much better this time and only got like, 2 pounds, not 4. Mom fell into the same trap that I did in April. She got 4 pounds. Haha, sucker!

Dad wanted ice cream, so we went to the corner ice cream shop. Kaitlin and I split a cup. It was yummy! I also found out that the ice cream shop sells Marianne's Ice Cream from Santa Cruz. They're the best!

Here's dad eating his waffle cone while admiring the new tile art along the beach sidewalk. It was quite impressive, some of those tiles were.

Kait and I on the beach. Our ice cream was all gone.

From there we left. In time to get a ticket for our meter running over by 8 minutes. Oops.

Back to camp we went in order to make it back for campfire. We were invited to stay for campfire. I was excited. We got down there before it started, so I got to meet some of Kaitlin's friends. And see the other Hilmar kids that were there. It was good times. Singing old camp songs. Doing the hand motions. That's right, it all came back to me.

Kaitlin's temporary room while she was on staff for the week.

It was great to get away for the day. See my sister. Visit the camp I went to a time or two. See my sister. Get more taffy, which I kept in the freezer. See my sister. Watch my family struggle to eat lobster, except dad, he's a champ.

Did I mention that it was good to see my sister?

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Kaitlin said...

yay!!! I liked seeing you too!!! So when are you coming to visit next? lol I miss you, hope you're having an OK time without me.... :o(

Oh yeah check out my blog.... :oD