Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm a Little Butterfly

This is Vienna. (Get it, vienna like the sausage!)

We "inherited" Vienna. One of my high school classmates happened upon her from a church member that was dying and just wanted to find homes for her dog. They already had 2 or 3 dogs, so we took her. Her original name was something stupid, like "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" or something gay like that. So we renamed her. Vienna.

And she was a little sausage. Around the time that we got her the movie "A Bug's Life" came out. And oh my, did Vienna remind us of Heimlich the caterpillar. We would quote, "I'm a little butterfly" all the time.

One Halloween I found a plastic green dog outfit. I went to the local Michael's and got some fake butterfly wings, and I hot glued them to the outfit. Vienna was Heimlich.

Her life wasn't very long with us, just a couple years. See, due to her obesity, she started having back problems, which then caused her to lose the ability to use her back legs. After a couple weeks of living in that state she left us. I would say, "She went to be with the Lord" but I don't think that dogs go to heaven (despite the movie). So, "She went to be with the Dog God."

She was a fun little weiner dog. A blessing to have.

And everytime I see or think about that movie I think of Vienna.

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