Sunday, August 10, 2008

Electrical Parade

When I was 5 my parents made a deal with me, "Quit sucking your thumb and we'll take you to Disneyland." Sounded pretty good to me, so I did just that. Little did I know, they were probably going to take me regardless.

You see, the Cal Poly Band Alumni were having a reunion of sorts at Disneyland. How cool is that? And this is back when the Electrical Parade was still going on.

So, Grammy babysat Chris, the only sibling at the time, while Mom, Dad, and I trekked down to Anaheim.

What I remember about Disneyland from my first trip
  • A mess of Cal Poly Band people, I think somewhere near New Orleans Quarters.
  • Someone smoking brushed their cigarette against my arm while walking out of the castle.
  • The Electrical Parade and the electrical music that went along with it.
  • It's a Small World (the next 3 times I went it was closed for repairs).
That's about all I remember. I have a horrible memory.

I do remember that I had fun. Just like every other time I've gone.

Thanks Mom and Dad for giving me the experience of enjoying Disneyland at an age that I could enjoy it and remember it.

And thank you for making me quit sucking my thumb to go. Who knows what my teeth would look like now if I hadn't quit.

(Check out my super short dress... And see, I can get a real tan. You know I wasn't fakin' bakin' back then.)

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