Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Golden Ticket

Easter, 1986
I don't remember very many of my childhood holidays, but this one I remember quite vividly. Every year I would hunt easter eggs at the Turlock Country Club, where my Bompy was a member. And every year the Club would hide a golden egg. The one that found it got a special prize.

Well, my grandpa over a year or two caught on. The "golden egg hider" wouldn't put it out until all the kids were already scrambling to find eggs. Bompy didn't think this was very fair. So he followed the guy, and then he stood right above where it was hidden. When I got close enough to see him, he flagged me over, stepped away, and viola! I "found" the golden egg.
And then I got the prize!
Again, notice the bangs! Geez!

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