Friday, August 1, 2008

Monty the Boat Dog

Fourth of July this year was spent at the lake with Mom, Dad, Chris, Colleen, and Monty.

Monty is a very good boat dog. Although he made me nervous a time or two the way he walks around on the (slow) moving boat.

Relaxed dog.
Relaxed dog.

Relaxed dog.Relaxed dog.
Worried dog.
Freaked out dog.

Monty really wasn't a fan of the fireworks. This is where he hid the entire show.

I've come to a conclusion, the fuzzy dogs (Riley and Monty) are afraid of fireworks and loud exploding noises. The smooth coat dogs (Skippy and Izzie) are not phased one bit by the fireworks and loud exploding noises.

Note to self for next year: Leave Riley and/or Monty at home. Only bring Skippy and/or Izzie to the lake.

The end.

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