Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Whole Enchilada

Who out there is Cyberland reading my blog right now is wondering what's going on in the progression of J and I? Well, let me update you.

Last Thursday I found out some difficult news... There is another girl at HCC pursuing him. WHAT?!? I know! After finding out that they actually went on a date, I decided that at that moment I just wanted to go home, cry and sleep. The fact that I was about to have a visitor didn't help the emotions either though. So, after many suggestions, recommendations, advice of just play cool and continue to do what you're doing, I attempted to do just that. So, I sent an e-mail out basically asking if anyone had plans for the weekend or if anyone wanted to do something.

Nothing. No response. Friday morning I sent another e-mail out. One response. But not from the right person. So, whatever. Play cool. I saw J at a meeting in the morning. The other girl was at one of two meetings that we both attend. Devon assured me after the meetings that I am much better looking. And if she were a guy, she'd do me. I felt so much better. After work there were plays for a group to go to Applebee's for my boss's birthday. J was invited, but I never heard if he was going or not. So, whatever. Come the end of the day, I was ready for a drink.

Fast forward to about 5:30 at Applebee's. There was a group of use sitting around a table waiting for more to show. And low and behold, I could have sworn someone said, "There's Jacob!"


Sure enough. So while I was waiting for my drink, he ordered one. Then Robert showed up. They both went to a table next to one that was about to clear out. The plan was to put the tables together. So I got my drink, then went and joined them. They were talking about camping. Good thing I know a thing or two about that activity!

Play it cool right? "So, anyone have any big plans for this weekend?" I was basically fishing. This was the response I got. "No, no big plans. Nothing planned. What's going on this weekend, are we doing anything?" Say wha? My response, "Well, I hadn't heard from anyone but R, so I figure that you hated me and didn't want to hang out."

So, plans were made from there. Go me! We decided that I would make dinner and we'd just hang out at my house. Don't worry, I volunteered. Conversation carried on, the evening continued, and shortly before 8pm J left. I think it's because he really did have plans with the other girl.

Oh shoot! I'm having company over! I left shortly after that because I realized that I had a house to clean! So I was up until about 12:30 working on the house. Hanging curtains and rods that I hadn't yet (only to find out that one rod was too short...oops). I went to bed, got up, and cleaned some more. Showered, went to the grocery store, started to prep dinner. Things were running smoothly!

What was for dinner you ask? Enchiladas, beans, rice, and salad. With Congo Bars for dessert.

Devon and J carpooled since they're from the same complex. We enjoyed chips and salsa and Cowboy Margaritas (recipe coming soon!). R showed up and we ate. But then, oh man I feel so bad. J ate something that caused an allergic reaction. He doesn't know what exactly it was. Apparently it happens all the time. He became really flushed, and was sweating like crazy. I told him to go sit in the other room where it's much cooler. He assured us that give it 10-20 minutes and he'd be fine.

So we finished dinner, then went to the living room side and played Wii. Wii bowing, Mario Kart, and Rayman Raving Rabbid. Slowly J started perking up. I still feel horrible. Everyone left around midnight.

All I know is this, of the weekend, I saw J twice! And hang out with him in the evening.

So take that other girl! Back off!

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Mel said...

WOO HOO!!! Go Courtney!! That is how to do it! You show him who the better woman is!!!