Thursday, September 4, 2008

College Roomie and Lifelong Friend

My freshman year of college, I lived here. Middle window. My bed was by the window actually.
I lived in Yosemite Hall. Which, if you've ever been to Cal Poly's campus, when you first drive onto campus from Grand Avenue they're the first set of dorm buildings.

Please note, everything is down hill from Yosemite. But to go's all uphill. Let me tell you, I had calves of steel after that year. Key word, had.

This gal. She was my roommate for three of our four years of college. That's right, we lived together for 3/4 of our college career. And I couldn't have asked for a better roommate.
Look Mom, we ironed!

Everything was a story. Everything still is a story. Melissa's stories
always make me laugh. Always! Like the picture above, she was all gussied up and ready for a date. After they dinner they went for coffee. He ordered a mocha. And he asked her what he was supposed to do with the foam at the top.

Idiot! He didn't know you're supposed to make sure you end up with a mustache!

Melissa has a fun spirit. Always singing and dancing around the long narrow room. What you can't see in this picture is that Melissa is dancing around with Kaitlin. Kait came down and stayed a few nights. She was in, like, 4th grade or something.

And boy howdy! Someone was a phone hog! That was a pretty typical position to find Melissa in. Luckily I didn't get a lot of phone calls. And we had call waiting.
Ok, this picture. You have to swear to secrecy that you will not tell her exists on this page. She honestly doesn't even remember me taking it. Melissa was a little, ah, inebriated. After picking her up from a party, and walking from the parking lot to our room she had to go. First of all, it took 30 minutes to get from the car to the room. Stopping every 5 feel for "whoa nelly that's a far far way to go" and sitting on the asphalt. I laughed the entire way.

'Cause I'm supportive like that.

Once upstairs, well, it's easier to just strip down than pull the pants around your knees. Right? And then since you can't stand straight, you fall. And laugh. And almost pee your pants.

But your pants aren't on anymore. Geez!
Remember you swore you won't tell her this picture is here! I'll hunt you down if you do.

Melissa and I were the same major and graduated the same time. It was a great celebration.
Because we were done with school.

2 weeks later. Melissa Morrison became Melissa Gleason. Now Melissa is Mommy to Macie and soon to be #2 name not annouced little boy child.

And they live in Southern California. Which means that when I visit Kaitlin I'll be visiting Melissa.

And then I'll get to hear more stories.

As I remember them, and feel they are important, I'll share some of those stories. In fact, remember when I went to Washington D.C.? Well, it was to visit Melissa and her family.

Good times!


Kaitlin said...

"Cotton eyed Joe" is what she taught me to dance to... that memory is engraved into my brain.

The roomie relationship that you and Melissa had is what I had anticipated I would have with my "roomie" too bad that I don't have one yet...

I miss you and LOVE you!!!

Teaseburger said...

Oh I'm SO telling her!!!

Courtney said...

Don't you DARE!

I'll delete the post and play dumb!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Melissa worked out so well, and she's a christian too. That is what true friendship is, helping someone when they need it.