Friday, September 12, 2008

Driving Ms. Daisy

Who remembers about a month ago when I had to drive my Great Aunt Dee down to my aunt's house in Riverdale? Did I tell you guys about it? I don't remember quite honestly.

But anyway, about a month ago my Great Aunt Dee was visiting all of her nieces and and great nieces and nephew in California. It was my family's turn to host Aunt Dee, but Mom was catering in the Fresno area. Since Dad and I both work during the day and couldn't entertain Aunt Dee, I had the pleasure of driving her to my Aunt Boo's house where Mom was staying the night.

What was waiting for me after my 1 1/2 hour drive that felt like 4 hours...? Family. Family that I love.

Like this guy. Coleman. Paige's boyfriend of ... about 2 years.
And all these people... Aunt Dee, Mom, Breanne, Aunt Boo, Tricia, and Paige (started in one corner and worked my way around). Notice the bottles of wine...? Yea, I had a glass once I got there. I needed it!
That there, that's Aunt Dee. She's my maternal grandma's sister. She lives in Minnesota and has one grandchild. So we're kinda like her grandchildren too...without receiving lots of presents at Christmas.
So Paige, the enology major, tried all the wine that was corked... I think she tried all of them twice. Can't say I've ever seen my sister tipsy, ok, drunk until that night.

And what did we do after dinner? Well, watched Michael Phelps swim of course.

And then I drove home to be at work the next morning. I was dragging.

But I love my family.

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