Monday, September 15, 2008

Golf Partners

Once a week, for the past 2 or so months, a group of us leave work early. We leave work, clubs loaded and ready to whack a little white ball around a big mowed lawn. It's fun! We make rules up as we go, we try to teach one another, we share our frustrations, and we are always happy if we make par on at least one hole.

Let me introduce you to my work buddies. Not only do I eat lunch with them just about every day, but I also golf with them.

Angie position is Admin Assistant for Operations, all operation departments for Hilmar Cheese. She's got a big position. And she does it well. I found out a month or so ago that Angie and I grew up around the corner from each other in Winton. Small world!Tamara...
Tamara is the Food Safety and Sanitation Supervisor for Cheese. That means that she goes around the 3 cheese plants on a uber regular basis and audits them. When Tamara moved desks and became 'trailer trash', I moved to her desk...right next to where my old desk was. Tamara is the mother of 2 teenage boys. She's a fun gal!
Devon is the baby of the group at a young 26. She is the Cheese Lab Supervisor, and she plays with FT machines all day. I think. Devon is a kick in the pants! Working at Hilmar Cheese is a family goal of theirs. Actually, Angie is Devon's assistant...and her brother. Devon is my Friday going out buddy. Or my shopping buddy. Or my talk about internet dating companion.
Eek! Who's that?
So Wednesday or Thursday afternoons, you'll find me at River Oaks in Ceres. Normally we golf the top 9. This past week we golfed the bottom 9. The bottom 9 kicked my butt!

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