Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Graduated!

That's right! You heard correctly!
Two weeks I was chosen to participate in a Quality Chk'd Supervisor Boot Camp. It's actually quite an honor to be chosen. Especially since I'm not a supervisor.

This would be the same Boot Camp where I learned about Social Styles. And the same Boot Camp that dinners were mandatory at Bistro 234 and Mundo's...where drinks were included... The same Boot Camp that pulled me away from my desk for 2 1/2 days, and kept me from doing the butt load of work that needed to be done. Did I mention that adult beverages were included with dinner?

But yeah me! I passed! I even had a randomly selected partner and we had to give a presentation in front of the Managers of the participants and the Steering Team (CEO and VPs of HCC)


Teaseburger said...

Woot woot!! You go girl!!! You gonna frame it and hang it in your office??

Courtney said...

Absolutely! I've already got a frame ordered at work! HA!