Friday, September 26, 2008

Mr. Alaska, part 2

So I've gotten a couple "What's up with Mr. Alaska?" questions lately. So maybe it's time to share some more.

If you'd like to read part 1 to get caught up (like I'm going to real quick to know where I left off), then please do so before reading more.

Ok, so the latest. Guess what? We're still talking! Shocking I know! It's really quite cute, we act as one another's alarm clock. He's really good at "hitting the snooze button", groggily asking if I can call back in 10 minutes. We talk throughout the day. And when we're not talking we're texting.

What do we talk and text so much about you ask? Everything! The meaning of life, world peace, the weather (not kidding!), his kids, my family, his upcoming trip, life in our respective locations, God, what we're looking for in a future mate, etc. And I think we've almost solved world hunger. But we talk about the same stuff you would if you were on a date.

Did I mention his upcoming trip? Oh, look at that I did. Did I mention before that he's coming to California? Coincidence? Fate? Part of God's plan...? Hummm....not sure, I'm leaning more towards the latter though.... This Sunday, Dennis flies into San Francisco for work. He'll be in meetings for 2 days. Tuesday I'm ditching work a little early, I'm taking 3 days off, and I'm driving to San Francisco to meet him, hang out with him, and see how we click. We'll be staying there for a night then coming back to Hilmar. He leaves the following Sunday.

Can I admit? I'm not one bit worried about this. Not at all. Nervous, yes! Excited, definitely! Anxious, yep! But not worried or concerned. We get along great on the phone. Now it's just to see if we get along great in person. Every now and again though, a little butterfly does flips in my tummy.

So you know what that means...? Any guesses?

None. No, come on you guys!

That means that next week I'll have pictures to share! I know that some of you are super excited about that.

Note to family... I'll leave every contact number, itinarery, driving route, etc. with numerous people to calm your concerns. Please understand that with meeting guys online, like was pushed on me for so long, that eventually you have to meet them. Just pray for God's will.

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Mel said...

I will be praying for safety, lots of fun and God's Will on this well as waiting in anticipation for those wonderful pictures. Have fun my dear friend!!! :) :)