Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Now used for back up

Remember my post about the Kiss Me Mint toothpaste? Well, I can't stand it anymore. It's horrible to brush your teeth. I've replaced it. Gone back to my started Arm & Hammer Brilliant Sparkle.

Kiss Me Mint has been thrown to the back of the drawer. It is now purely backup. Or maybe I'll pull it out when company is staying over. Yea... I'll make them use it.

Stacey can testify though. The stuff was not the pleasant experience you'd expect when brushing your teeth. Right, Stacey?

All I can say is this, who ever thought that strawberry mint flavor for toothpaste would be a big hit is DUMB. They need to be fired. Back to the drawing board.

Belch. I get the shivers just thinking about it. Blah.

1 comment:

Teaseburger said...

Yeah.... it was odd... very very odd... kind of disturbing even. I can imagine that that stuff would have gotten old... fast... Way to hang in there for so long!!