Sunday, September 21, 2008

Puppy Sitting

Last Sunday I got the privilege of puppy sitting. Not only were my 2 dogs present, but so were my parent's 2 dogs. You see, my parents volunteered their backyard for a Koi Pond Tour that the church was doing as a fundraiser. With people coming and going through the back gate, there was no way their 2 dogs would stay confined.

And let me tell you, when a Jack Russell gets loose, good luck catching it!

So for the longest time I left them all locked in the backyard. I was too afraid that the boys, Skippy and Monty, would want to mark my furniture. And it wouldn't be fair for the girls to be allowed inside and not the boys. So they were all out.

But it was a warm day. And they all looked miserable. So, slowly, one by one I let them in the house. And they all pooped out when they came in.

Skippy, he's the patriarch of the family. He was enjoying a nice little bone.
Monty, the little love. I laid down on the floor and took a nap. He took one with me.
Riley, sleeping on her perch. She loves that spot on my couch.
Monty again. He climbed the lean-to. Then he wanted in. Silly dog.

Notice there are any pictures of Izzie. That's because she didn't come into the house once! Everyone else came in, got a drink of water and a bone. But not Izzie.


Kaitlin said...

she would stay outside. lol.
but my all time favorite picture is monty looking in through the window standing on the lean-to it's almost like he wanted to see what you were up to and why he couldn't be inside. lol. I miss the puppies... good news I get to see them this coming weekend! Oh and I get to see you too!!!

Teaseburger said...

I love these dogs!!

Courtney said...

Funny thing is, he was allowed in at that time!