Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Watch Out Tiger!

Quite a few weeks ago, while my parents were away at the lake, my brother and I ditched church and went golfing. Ok, let me rephrase that. In order to "ditch church" I'm implying that we have both been going regularly, which we weren't. Bad! I know. I'm back on track. I don't know why I ever stopped going. Oh, I know, laziness. But I digress...

So we went golfing! We went to St. Stanislaus way out in the middle of nowhere. I had just recently started golfing again. And I was doing good. At least at River Oaks I was doing good. Chris and I choose not to keep score. Thank goodness!

So here I am. Posing by my borrowed clubs. It's a really nice set.
And I'm up to bat, scratch that, I'm up to "tee off". And she swings...
Ladies and gentlemen we have contact! And I think I remember getting air under that ball! I know. I'm awesome. I'm good at getting air. "Getting the ball up" as my Wed/Thur group says. Yeah, we play dirty...
What did I learned during this golf outing with Chris.
  1. Wear a hat! I ended up with a sunburn stripe where my hair parted while pulled up.
  2. Learn how to use the clubs. I stuck with the same wood, club, driver! that's what it's called. And I always came up short of the green. Well, if you use a different driver it will adjust the distance the ball goes based on the angle or weight, or something a rather.
  3. Those pants aren't as flattering as I thought.
  4. Neither is that gut. I really need to work on that! Accountability people. Ask me everyday if I've done my 1,389 crunches for the day.
But I'm a golfer now. So, ah, Tiger. It's on! You, me, and the green. I'll pick the place, you just better show up!

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Teaseburger said...

Numbers 3 & 4 of things you learned are my favorite. Hahahaha!!!