Sunday, September 28, 2008


WOW! I survived!

The weekend started with a drive to Pleasanton Friday to pick up my cousin at BART, and ended with mini golfing this evening. In between all that... Well, 1 big party, 1 birthday party, and 1 dish network set-up.

More on all those events later...with pictures.

For now though. I'm freakin' out because Dennis is IN CALIFORNIA! In the bay area even. And where am I? In Hilmar. 1 more full day, then Tuesday late afternoon I'm off to meet this man that I've gotten to know so well.

Pray for my nerves. Although I'm still not all that nervous, and I'm definitely not worried. Pray for God's will and following it. Pray for a good time with a new friend...and maybe more than just a friend. Pray for safe travels.


Mel said...

Lots of prayers for you from us. We hope the best for you...he sounds like a great guy.

Teaseburger said...

HOORAY!! TODAY IS THE DAY!!! WOOT WOOT!! You made it!! I can't wait for details!!! Have fun my friend!!

Krista said...

I was thinking about you yesterday. Hope you're having a GREAT time!!