Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hawaii Day 1

Oi ve! Having to catch a flight at 8:30ish we decided to avoid the possible 4am traffic and just stay in San Francisco near the airport the night before. It wasn't that great of a place, hard mattresses and all. Maybe we should have just chanced it and stayed at home. Oh well.

The flight across the Pacific was fine. No big deal. I watched Get Smart and read People magazine. And occasionally poked my brother who was one seat in front of me. After a quick stop on Maui, we took a quick flight to the Big Island, Hawaii. We were up in the air, they served us Passion Orange juice, they took the trash, we landed.

We were greated by my Aunt Cricket (dad's youngest sister) the traditional Hawaiian way, we were lei'd. Mom decided that she was going to wait at the airport for Uncle Dave and Kaitlin to arrive, their flights were scheduled to land only 30 minutes apart. So Dad, Paige, Chris and I headed to the beach.

Plumeria, they smell so good! This was my lei.

The sand was hot, like California beaches, but the water was warm. And really salty. Maybe I've just forgotten how salty the ocean is because it's been so long since I've gone in it. But the water burned my eyes, so I made my dip a quick one. Chris got us some fries to munch on from the snack shop, we were hungry.

What you can't see are the salt granules drying on me as I sit in the sun.

Eventually everyone else made it. After we all had our fill of the beach, we headed up the road to Waimea, where my Aunt and her family live.

Hawaii Day 1 Album


Krista said...

Waimea?? My friend Shelly was there on Sunday or Monday visiting a friend. I'm going to go look at the pictures now. :)

Teaseburger said...

Fun fun!!!

Mel said...

Looks like a ton of fun!!!

Allie said...

me = jealous