Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sausage, Strudel, and Sauerkraut

The tradition of the Oktoberfest. This is how is works. Every year for the past 6 years my family, along with friends, have thrown and annual Oktoberfest. Every year for the past 6 years, the Friday night before the party we've made the sausage and the strudel.

That's right folks. Homemade sausage. And homemade (premade dough) strudel.

Here's the sausage making. It's primarily a guy thing.And, well, I hate to say it, but the women stay in the kitchen and assemble the strudels.
Then we take a little break for dinner and samplings of sausage, strudel, wine and beer.
And then it's back to licking the chocolate off the spoon. I mean, finishing up the strudel and drinking more wine.
And that's a typical pre-Oktoberfet Friday.


Allie said...

That looks like more fun than Oktoberfest (not that Oktoberfest isn't fun this just looks MORE fun)

Can I come next time?

Courtney said...

Sure! Your homework is to come up with some yummy strudel filling ideas.

i.e. raspberry chocolate, turtle, caramel apple...

Mel said...

THat strudel looks so freakin good!!!