Sunday, October 12, 2008

When you can't say a word...

I have a best friend. I love my best friend. But she won't talk about Dennis. She won't listen to me talk about him. She won't ask questions about him. She's totally against talking about him. Maybe she does it on purpose, maybe she doesn't.

You see the thing is, Dennis lives in Alaska. I know, you already knew that. But the fact that he lives in Alaska is something that she doesn't like because it means that if things progress further, and dare I say the "m" word, it means that I will be moving to Alaska. And she doesn't like that.

She doesn't want me to move. She wants me to stay in California near my family and friends. And I would like to too, but at this point in Dennis' life he needs to be in Alaska with his kids. And I totally understand and respect that. And I'm willing to go where he is.

But she just sees him as the one that will be stealing her best friend away. She's totally blinded. Blinded by the one fact. He could be prince charming and the perfect man, but he wouldn't be to her.

I just want her to share my joy and be happy for me. Is that so much to ask?


Mel said...

NO NO NO...that is never too much to ask of a friend. I know it is hard to think about your best friend being so far away, but I also know that sometimes you have to put side those feelings and just be happy for the things that GOD is doing in your friends life. What I am saying is that, though I do not know who are talking about, that person needs to be supportive of all the fun and exciting things that are happening in your life. Sometimes GOD moves you for a reason, even if you cannot figure out WHHHHYYYY?? (TRUST ME I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE)
I want you to know that I am here for you always...and you can call me or email me or whatever you need to talk about Dennis, he really seems like a great guy and you two do look incredibly cute together. I am praying that if this is the right man for you and that the "m" word is in your future then he will give you, Dennis and all your friends and family peace about the situation.
Again, just to insure that you understand....NO NO NO It is not too much to ask your best friend to share in your joy and be happy for you...all of your friends should!!!!!

Courtney said...

Thank you Mel! I think I'm just gonna have be like, let's go get dinner, and talk. I talk, you listen; you talk, I listen. Let's understand where each one is coming from.

As my bff I want to be able to talk to her about the guy that I like and am dating. And I want her to be happy for me unless there is a real reason not to (like if he was abusive, a smoker, or a non-Christian). His only fault is where he lives. Big deal! That's what airplanes are for.

Mel said...

LOL...EXACTLY...and trust me airplanes are not that bad...Just don't think you can find cheap airline tickets in November or December...Found that out recently...HAHAHA

Hey we will be down the week after Christmas...maybe if you have time you and I can get together for coffee, dessert, something.

Courtney said...

I've been keeping a close eye on ticket prices. The lowest I've found has been $537 round trip. Not bad compared to the highs that I've seen.

I'd love to get together when you're down. Keep me posted!

Kaitlin said...

I know who you're talking about... and well if her hubby wanted to go back to his home state she would most likely sacrifice being near family and friends and go live where all of his family resides. So she shouldn't be such a hypocrite when it comes to your freshly blooming relationship that may or may not end with "m". Go out to dinner or coffee or something kidnap her and resolve why she is being so jealous, she has a hubby and should be happy for you in your chance to have found yours. :) I LOVE YOU!!!