Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hawaii Day 6

What was day 6? OH! I remember now. Day 6 was Sunday, the day we all got up around 6am so we could be in kayaks and in the water before the public beach opened. We didn't want them to see a cluster of kayaks in the water and wonder what was going on. Because on Sunday we decided that would be the best day to have our little service for Nana and to "dispose" of her ashes.
So we were up. We loaded up best we could. Poor Chris was kayakless, so he kickboarded his way out on a boogie board. We said our few words. My Aunt dumped. We were silent. Some tears were shed. We took "communion" of tic tacs, my Nana's favorite. Then we paddled back. It was just simple. (I'm sorry I don't have pictures. But I wasn't going to take my expensive out in the water.)

We got back. We swam and hung out on the beach. I eventually got bored of it. So I went back up to the house where I sat on the porch and watched the water, read, and watched family.
I was able to capture some good shots of a peacock gecko while I hung out.
Slowly my siblings trickled up, they were getting bored too. So we decided to head down the road a little big to a shopping center. But before going we took some cousin pictures. It's not very often the whooping 6 of us get together (2/3 would be my siblings and me).
(Ok, you've got to admit this is funny. Especially after today)
After shopping we all gathered back at the beach house. Had dinner. Played on the beach with cameras (there are some pretty fun shots...). Played with a glow stick and a camera. Played a game. I talked on the phone... I know, bad family member I am. Then we went to bed. It was Jaffray's last night before she headed back to California.

Hawaii Day 6 Album

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Beauty to Unveil said...

The proper term is "spread" not "dispose". That makes us sound like we were illegally dumping or something...lol