Thursday, November 6, 2008

Plans for Black Friday...

Ahhh... The day after Thanksgiving. Tummies still full. Family still visiting. Everything is on sale. Crazy people are up at the butt crack of dawn to stand in lines. And what will I be doing?

I know you're curious.

Will I be sleeping in til noon or later? Because quite frankly I'll have eaten enough food the day before to last me all winter. I could hibernate like a bear.

Will I be hanging out with family that is visiting from out of town or out of state?

Will I be working?

I'll tell you what I'll be doing. I'll go to work around...8:30 or so. Go have a coffee. Decorate the office with Rylen. Leave work around noon or so. Get in a car. Drive to BART in Dublin/Pleasanton. Take BART to the San Francisco Airport. Where I will jet set on a plane leaving at 5:30pm and landing at 11:40pm. Where will I be landing, you ask?

Any guesses...

Ding ding ding! That's right! I'll be landing in the land of cold and snow and more cold. Oh yea, and Dennis will be there. So that'll pretty much negate the cold. Well most of it.

I'm going to Anchorage, Alaska to visit my honey for 4 days. Yep. I'll get there late Friday night and I'll leave super early Wednesday morning. In fact, if I'm not too tired, I might even work a half day on Wednesday.

I'm very excited!

I'm excited about seeing Dennis. Not about the cold. I plan on not going outside from the minute I get to his place until the minute I have to leave. Well, that's not entirely true. We'll go somewhere. Not sure where though. He's planning it all.


Mel said...

YEAH!!! Here's to happy honey visits!!!

Teaseburger said...

That means you will miss Apple Hill. :o( But still... fun for you!!! You better get out!! I want pics of Alaska....