Saturday, November 8, 2008

Save the Chickens...?

If you're a warm blooded American, then you are fully aware that this past Tuesday was Voting Day. Across the country citizens voted for many things. Number one being President (I'll talk about that one later), and then state and local measures, propositions, House Representatives, etc. I voted (absentee) for what I thought to be right or best for my state and country. My votes weren't based solely on my feelings about each item on the ballot, they were based on what I think is best for society. Not only based on what I think, but also based on Biblically sound morals and values, and based on financial concern for the state.

What I can't fathom or understand is why we're so concerned about chickens, calves, and pigs. Concerned enough to put their "well being" on the ballot. I'm sorry PETA, but you shouldn't be pushing your views on everyone. Everyone already has the option to buy free range eggs, a majority of swine is raised outside California, and calves are tied up so they don't get loose. Most the time you come up with some weird stuff, like using mother's milk instead of cow's milk to make ice cream.

These are my thoughts and opinions, which I'm allowed to have... Freedom of speech, right?

What I don't understand is why California as a whole, where a majority of popular vote coming from the Bay Area and Southern California, approved Proposition 2. I totally respect those that have the desire to purchase free range chicken and eggs. But I'm sorry, why are those views being pushed on me now? A free range egg isn't necessarily a better quality egg, it's just a better quality for the chicken that laid it. Which now, by the way, will cost more. It'll cost more for those of us that like our cooped-up chicken eggs just fine.

And for those that are concerned for the well being of California's agriculture, many small farmers and ranchers will be forced out business due to the costs to make the mandatory improvements to their operation. I'm surrounded by these folks. The dairymen, the chicken farmers. My community will feel the hurt and devastation of this proposition.

This is what I think is going to happen. Farms will shut down, those that can will survive and make the changes. Farming operations will close, with that comes the lose of jobs for many people. We're already in hard times for the unemployed trying to find work, it's only going to get harder. "California grown" eggs will cost twice as much as they already do. The only way to get less expensive eggs will be to import them from another state, or from another country. Milk will cost more. Pork will cost more. All baked goods will be affected by this and will have to raise prices to cover their increase in costs.

I'm sure this will be petitioned many times. And there will be law suits and counter law suits filed by both sides. I just want everyone to stop thinking about the animals, that quite frankly don't have a long life span anyway, and think about what is best for the people of the state.

Maybe I sound heartless to those poor little fuzzy feathery friends of ours, but you can't think about their feels. You have to think of it as a process. That's something I learned from my dad, when I had to watch the slaughter process at the meat plant many years ago for a college project.

Ok, so maybe my plea is a little late. But if we're ever faced with this again, think about the people and not the animal.

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Teaseburger said...

I agree. I voted NO. No brainer to me.