Friday, November 21, 2008

Upgraded Palm Pilot

I want an iPhone. Really badly I want one.

These are the reasons why I want one...
  • Cell phone
  • Text messaging
  • E-mailing
  • Internet
  • Camera
  • Calendar (sync-able with google calendar)
  • Applications!
  • GPS/Directions/Maps
  • iTunes/iPod
  • Calculator
  • Weather
Can't you see I obviously need one?!?

But currently I can't have one for a couple reason, which are below...
  • I'm currently still within my contract, so the phone would cost me an extra $100 to break and restart my contract. No biggie, I'm willing to pay it.
  • The service for unlimited minutes and texts is outrageous, which I need to talk to Dennis.
  • Dennis isn't with AT&T, so no free mobile to mobile, which means that I have to have the outrageous service.
So, what I told Dennis I want for Christmas from him is for him to cancel his current service and switch, which he's planning on doing when the contract is up anyways.

One day oh iPhone, I will own you!

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