Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas @ The Harlan's

Unlike Thanksgiving, our Christmas is very low key. Day of is normally just the fam. But we generally go to my Aunt and Uncle's for Christmas Eve. This year we went down for the eve of Christmas Eve.

It was a beautifully clear day. Normally it's foggy and blah.
We walked around the ranch. Fed the horses.
Checked on the new walnut orchard.
Had dinner and wine. How much wine Paige?
Opened presents. And wore ribbon.
Borrowed and wore new presents from cousins whom attended logo-ed collegiate university.
Played a couple rounds of catchphrase. Go team 1!!!
Stole cameras to take self-photos...
I know. You'd think they were sisters or something!
Oh, and then there was Rowdy. He's a good ranch dog. So regal looking isn't he?
And that's how I spent my Christmas Eve eve.

How was your Christmas, Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve eve spent?