Thursday, December 18, 2008

For the 2nd Morning...

I'm trying I've been strong. I decided that as much as it kills me, which it won't, I'm going to let Dennis take the lead with texting and calling… Until I figure what his pattern is at least.

Yesterday I got a "Thought I would say hi.", text in the morning. Good, good; he obviously thought about me. Or has been thinking about me. I told him "Good Morning-ed" him too and told him that I had a question and asked if he had a minute to answer it, meaning by text. But I got a phone call. Gosh it was good to hear his voice. I basically wanted to know if there were any "ground rules". You know, will we talk often or only as acquaintances every now and then. He told me no, and sounded slightly offended like I would doubt his intentions of what a friendship entails. Ok, so that gave me a little relief.

Yesterday evening I also received a text to let me know that his boss arrived in town a day early, so he was on his way to pick her up from the airport. And the other boss will arrive Sunday, two days later than planned. So I know that he'll be busy until next week, and that maybe I shouldn't keep my hopes up that we'll be in any contact. He said that he'll pretty much be working 24 hours a day for the next 4 days. Pray for his sanity and that he can get some rest during this stressful time.

Today I got a "Morning. I have some questions for you..." Questions that I won't share because they were personal, so I'll spare you. So he's thinking about things. Thinking about me, and us, and our history, and the future. So I answered them, and he thanked me for answering them. We texted a bit back and forth. I tried not to be too inquisitive, I don't want to force him to text me. I want him to want him to text or call me. He let me know that he was working late tonight, until 11pm (which would be midnight for me). So I'm not expecting a call, or a text. But maybe when I least expect it he'll surprise me. But I don't want to get my hopes up, so I'm not going to sit and wait.

I'm just trying to go with the flow and let him do the contacting. I'm letting him work things out for himself, and work things out with God, and work on figuring out his life. That's all that I can do for now. Sit back, wait, and pray.

But, there is still a small hope in my heart that he'll decide he needs a break for Alaska and he'll surprise me by coming down when he was originally planning. Again, don't want to get my hopes up and set myself up for failure and more heartache.

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