Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's a QA Christmas...

This past Friday was my department's Christmas party. I convinced my boss to have it at Mundo's, because they're yummy, kick back, and affordable. Not that I was paying for it, but last year we went to The Bistro, just a little more expensive.

I took my camera, and was going to take pictures... But I didn't. Face it, QA - Quality Assurance - is a bunch of lab people, with exception to me. And, well, lab people can be kind of lame. Including the dude that chose to sit next to me, much to my dismay. I think I did a fine job ignoring him best I could without being a jack*.

So there was no dancing on the tables. No shots. Nothing horrible or embarassing happened. It was just a kick-back relaxing evening.

It was still fun. Hey, it was dinner right?


Teaseburger said...

Shall I guess who sat next to you?? hahaha. Sooo how was the food at least??

Courtney said...

Blak! Yes, no guessing needed! I guess next to is better than across from. Still though... There where 20 open seats, why next to me?

I heart the spinach dip. We should go there and just have that! Seriously!