Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Things I learned in Alaska...

  1. 30 degrees is not cold.
  2. There isn't much you can do in the winter.
  3. 2 degrees is just a little cold.
  4. The moose don't come out until you leave.
  5. When you want to be snowed in, you won't be.
  6. Everything is in a mall.
  7. For population 350k, Anchorage doesn't seem that big.
  8. No matter how often you do it, saying goodbye is still hard.
  9. Cars can slip 'n slide on snowy roads.
  10. -5 degrees is just a little colder.
  11. Short sleeves and a jacket are the norm.
  12. Dogs walk people on skis.
  13. People walk reindeer.
  14. Gas is more expensive where it is harvested.
  15. Most foods have cabbage instead of lettuce.
  16. Cheese from Modesto is sold at specialty stores.
  17. Home prices are not declining, but are increasing.
  18. Red eye flights sucks.
  19. "The Valley" there is not like my valley, but it did have fog.
  20. Seeing where and how your honey lives, priceless.


Teaseburger said...

Good list. I'm impressed.

Beauty to Unveil said...

I didn't realize cheese from Modesto is a delicacy.

Courtney said...

It is when it's Fiscalini Cheese!

Mandy, Allen and Calen too! said...

Yeah, the fact that people "walk" reindeer cracks me up! That picture was stinkin' priceless!