Sunday, January 18, 2009

Operation Move Kaitlin

Last Saturday my parents, Kaitlin and I took a little drive. This drive just so happen to take off at 4:30am, and it involved a truck and a trailer. And this drive headed south to Azusa to pack up Kaitlin's apartment to move her home.

Me well, me being me, I brought my camera along and took pictures. Does that honestly surprise you though?

This is what is looks like on Highway 99 at about 5am. Lovely isn't it.
And at about 9am after we stopped in Delano for breakfast. That's the moving loot in the back of the truck. And it was foggy, real foggy.
Once at the apartment, around 11am, mom got busy packing up the kitchen...
While dad napped after the long drive.Kaitlin felt a little overwhelmed, but she survived. Me, well, I pretty much packed up her room... Armload of this, bloop into that rubbermaid. Very systematic!
Then I was involved in a work accident. I never filled out my worker's comp claim... But I ended up with a bruised knuckle. It's still a little sore.
I found time to check out the local plants. Like this fuzzy pink one.
After Kaitlin gave me the 10 cent tour of the campus and turned her keys in, we headed out. It was about 1:45pm. So we drove. I use we loosely, Dad drove. I slept a little. We stopped in Bakersfield for some In-n-Out and to get some duct tape to make sure the box lids were secure. We watched this aloe plant tip over about 17 times, each time it lost a little more dirt to the floor of the truck.
The we stopped in Fresno to drop the couch off at Coleman's apartment, and say a quick hello to he and Paige. Then back on the road. We were home around 8:30pm. I proceeded to stay awake til well past 12am. Don't ask why.

I'm exhausted just remembering it!

But Kaitlin is home. And she's starting back up at Merced JC on Tuesday.

Although the situation sucks, I'm happy that my sister is home.

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Teaseburger said...

You have a way of capturing a story. Love it. Sad for Kait but glad she is back too. You should have left that plant there. Ha!!