Thursday, February 5, 2009

Barrel Tasting

January 17th, the day of wine tasting. The day we took a family outing. A fun day.

After moving early, we drove away from Hilmar and the fog and headed towards the Napa Valley. We passed some windmills along the way. Go green!
We reached our first destination, Turnbull Wine Cellars, to participate in their barrel tasting. This barrel tasting was the primary purpose of this day trip. Everyone, except Kaitlin, enjoy tasting some wine. Yum!
Inside the barrel room we snapped a sista' picta'.
Remember Chris' jumping pictures in Hawaii...?Another barrel room. This one was just much bigger. Oh, and it was at Sterling Vineyards.
It was really bright out. Can't you tell? We're squinting!
Family picture! Plus Coleman!
Dad later got a kick out of this picture. Why you ask? Because he was looking at the pictures on his iPhone. So he was looking at a picture on his iPhone of himself looking at his iPhone. Get it...?
As we started to head home we stopped at Taylor's Refresher for a late lunch. They had delicious sweet potato fries!Our last stop in Napa Valley was at the Domaine Chandon, where we found a bunch of rock mushrooms. Coleman was a dear and posed as "the thinker".And since we were all in the car we decided to make a quick stop in Yosemite. Just kidding! This is the inside of that new Bass Pro Shop. Looks real though, doesn't it...?
And that concludes our fun filled family day to Napa.


Teaseburger said...

Looks like a fun day!!!

M, A and C too! said...

Okay, YOU'RE killin' me here! While these are all great pics and it sounds like it was a great family day, I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR CRUISE!!!! :-) Maybe a walk is in order tonight?

Courtney said...

I know! I'm sorry! Tonight or this weekend for SURE! I just figured I should probably get the wine tasting done since it happened first. :)

Yes, we need to walk! So much to tell you!!! If not tonight maybe tomorrow afternoon.

White Chocolate said...

I LOVE sweet potato fries!!