Monday, February 9, 2009

Cruisin' to Cabo - Day 4

Saturday, our day in Cabo San Lucas! We wanted to be up and off the boat as early as possible. And we were, we were on one of the first tenders to take off. Hallelujah!
Lucky for us, we met up with our table mates from the Dining Room. Lisa, being half Mexican and half Puerto Rican, speaks Spanish muy bien. So we stuck around them most of the day. While wandering around, we passed a real estate office. On their door was this...
Now, I was a little slow (and this was pre-margaritas), and I thought it was a dog... Dogs can't... Wait, that has horns, it's a bull. Bulls can't poop here. I'm so clever. That makes no sense. DUH! No Bull Shit! I'm an idiot...

After walking around a bit we all got hungry. Mind it was only like, 10am. But darn it, we wanted cheap margaritas and some Mexican food! So we got our cheap margaritas, strawberry, "Cheers Lisa!"
And nachos! Very authentic, I know! Denae and I shared them, cause we're cheap like that.
Then we walked around, where Denae proceeded to pose for a lot of pictures...blame the tequilla. And we also found a mall, with Coach and Tiffany. Crazy! And no, it wasn't knock off stuff!
After the mall we split ways with Lisa and Kevin, while we went to find the beach. And we did. And the water was uber clear. But still cold. And I wasn't about to shimmy myself into my swim suit precariously on the beach. So I guarded our stuff while everyone else went in.
Oh, and we found Stacey's boyfriend while walking back. Actually, he cheated on Denae, she sat with him on the way to the beach.
No long later we decided we'd had enough. Plus we didn't want to risk missing a tender back to the mother boat. So we headed back to the docks. And we waited in line. And we caught a boat. And we quickly changed and headed to the starboard side of the boat so we could watch the coastline as we left Cabo.
Not long after we got out there and were enjoying the sights, the Captain got on the loud speaker and announced that there were whales on the starboard side of the boat. Right where we were. We, not right where we were, but you could see their little blow hole poofs from where we were.
So we enjoyed the whale watching. Which turned into the dolphin watching. This little guy swam right up to the boat and gave us a little show.
We were done with the outside, but thought it would be cool if we were able to catch the sunset from the other side. So around we went.
We really didn't want to go down to our room. And it was still a couple hours until dinner. So we putzed around. Decided to purchase some of the pictures that had been taken of us. Gamble some, where we met a very nice lady. Actually, we were mesmorized by her gambling, so we visited with her. Stacey ended up winning what the lady was trying to get. Oops. Oh well. Yeah Stacey!
It was finally dinner time. The "group" that Lisa and Kevin were with gave them a bottle of wine to go with dinner. In which Kevin and I proceeded to drink. All of it. Oops. But honestly, I was fine. Maybe a little tipsy, but not too bad. Then the Cha-Cha Slide was played in which all the servers danced. Okay, so maybe I did too. But this is Edy, one of our servers, he was a hoot!
After dinner we called it quits. We'd been in the sun all day. We were tired and ready to sleep. Oh, and we wanted to watch a movie that was on in the room. I think we made it through the first 10 minutes before passing out. Tonight's towel, a bunny.

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