Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cruisin' to Cabo - Day 5 & 6

Last day at sea. Thank goodness. Although we've all had fun, we're all equally ready to be home, to be back on solid ground for good. We all slowly got ready and made our way out. Denae, Stacey and I headed outside to enjoy the scenery...or something like that. Then we had lunch. Now, mind you, I was good. Just about everyday I had salad for lunch. Followed by a frozen yogurt on a cone. But this is what was staring me down daily...the dessert buffet.
There really wasn't much going on on the boat this day, Sunday, Superbowl Sunday. We really didn't want to hang out in a loud, crowded bar watching the game with hundreds of others. So we watched the game from our room. Where we were able to lay in our beds and get comfy.

At our designated time we went to dinner. Where we took a group photo with our servers, Jorge and Edy. We also exchanged e-mail address with Lisa and Kevin (which...I...can't find...).
After dinner we made plans to meet up with Lisa and Kevin for one last hooray for breakfast. And then we all went to our room to pack up. Poopy thing, our luggage had to be left outside our room between 9pm-11pm. So we packed everything up as well as got stuff ready for the next day. Then to bed we went.

Monday, finally, back to San Diego. After getting up, getting ready, and gathering our stuff we went up to breakfast. Lisa and Kevin were in group 9 to get off the boat. We were in group 22...out of 25. So, even though we were back in port at about 8:30ish, we weren't off until closer to 10am. Sucky butt!

Tina picked us up. Took us to get my car at her place. Then we dropped Jenn off at the airport, and headed north on our 7 hour journey home. Which we made it back in about 6 1/2 hours. We were antsy, what can I say?

So that's that. The cruise in a nutshell. It was a good time. Would I do it again? Probably, just not anytime soon. And I'd pay a little more attention to the weekend.

Shoot me questions if you have any!

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M, A and C too! said...

Sounds like you had fun! But I can definitly understand why you would want to pay closer attention to the weekend you pick next time!!! Hehehe...