Thursday, February 26, 2009

May She Rest...

Izzie Boo
December 14, 2006 - February 20, 2009
After an extremely short battle with pneumonia, Izzie Boo left this earth to play fetch with her Eternal Father. Izzie was survived by her mother, Riley, her brother, Monty, and her "daddy", Skippy; as well as her human people: mother Courtney, grandparents Allyson and Ed, and aunts and uncle Chris, Paige, and Kaitlin. We will forever miss endless hours of throwing the ball for our dear beloved pet, as well as her (not so gentle) love and affection. Izzie's youthful, playful spirit will greatly be missed.

May you run your heart out in heaven.


Anonymous said...

I miss that little puppy. Her licks, chasing after balls, sleeping next to me in the mornings after you dropped Riley and Izzy off. I feel that I needed to do more for her.

Teaseburger said...

The pic of Izzie with the ball is so perfect!! I'll miss that little energizer puppy!!! Bless her little buns. I'm sure she is up there playing ball right now. :o) I would say rest in peace... but I'm sure she isn't resting at all. Ha!!! My condolences to her family she left here on earth.
Love you all!!